Examples for AIP DaCHS TAP service

TAP schema example

To locate columns "by physics", as it were, use UCD in tap_schema.columns. For instance, to find everything concerning the mass of an object, you could write:

SELECT * FROM tap_schema.columns
  WHERE description LIKE '%phys.mass%'

Mass function of dark matter objects

The mass function for a cosmological simulation snapshot gives the number of objects in a mass bin and can be determined directly using ADQL. For example, a query for the mass function from mdr1.fof for redshift 0 looks like this:

SELECT 0.25*(ROUND(LOG10(mass)/0.25)) AS logmass,
  COUNT(*) AS num
FROM mdr1.fof
WHERE snapnum=85
GROUP BY logmass
ORDER BY logmass

For the mass function of Bolshoi, replace mdr1.fof by bolshoi.fof and use snapnum=416.