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Table Description: Merger trees for FOF-objects

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: This is an extract of the MultiDark Run 1 simulation data. It is used for testing and demonstration purposes only. The full data is available at

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Extensive documentation is available at See also: Riebe et al. 2013, The MultiDark Database, AN 334, 691, for a description of its predecessor


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
fofTreeId fofTreeId unique id for FOF-group = treeRootId + rank in merger tree (depth first order) N/A;meta.main
fofId fofId corresponding id of this FOF group in the FOF table N/A
treeSnapnum treeSnapnum subsequent number of snapshot used for creating the merger tree, not the same number as in FOF table N/A time.epoch
descendantId descendantId fofTreeId for direct descendant (to which the FOF group will merge in the next timestep) N/A
lastProgId lastProgId fofTreeId of last progenitor in depth-first order N/A
mainLeafId mainLeafId fofTreeId of last leaf on main branch, which is defined by the most massive progenitors N/A
treeRootId treeRootId root in merger tree N/A
x x comoving position, x-component h-1.Mpc pos.cartesian.x
y y comoving position, y-component h-1.Mpc pos.cartesian.y
z z comoving position, z-component h-1.Mpc pos.cartesian.z
vx vx comoving velocity, x-component km/s phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.x
vy vy comoving velocity, y-component km/s phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.y
vz vz comoving velocity, z-component km/s phys.veloc;pos.cartesian.z
np np number of particles inside the FOF group N/A meta.number
mass mass total mass of the FOF group h-1.solMass phys.mass
size size 'radius' of the FOF group, if it were a sphere, computed based on the volume h-1.Mpc phys.size.radius
spin spin spin parameter (Gottloeber and Yepes 2007, ApJ 664, 117) N/A N/A
ix ix spatial index, x-direction N/A pos.cartesian.x
iy iy spatial index, y-direction N/A pos.cartesian.y
iz iz spatial index, z-direction N/A pos.cartesian.z
phkey phkey Peano-Hilbert key N/A N/A

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